Where Feta is on a map

The US is again looking to erode the use of protected designations of origins (PDOs) globally, it seems. Last week, 61 US senators sent US Trade representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer and US Agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue a letter, urging stronger international safeguards to protect US exporters using common food and wine terms.

Squaring the circle

The increase in national labelling laws in what is supposed to be a European single market, is just one of the things people are dealing with, while trying to square the circle that is the post-pandemic world.

The bureaucracy files

Over the weekend, Jeremy Clarkson was in the Sunday Times, noting that while the rest of us were in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, he was in his office filling out government forms for his farming activities. I am sure some of our readers were with him, filling out those same forms. He also rightly pointed out that few farms could manage without the government help the forms provide, but now that Brexit is occurring, the subsidy will eventually stop.

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