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Kanegrade is widely recognised as a leading supplier of natural food ingredients in the UK and overseas. Products include natural colours and extracts, vegetable products, fish extracts, fruit products, botanical extracts and nutraceuticals. Kanegrade is also able to extend a technical advice service to customers on the usage of products. Kanegrade is composed of six divisions: Natural Colours Flavours Ingredients Functional Ingredients (Nutraceuticals / Phytonutrients) Bulk Sugar (white crystalline, demerara & organic) Fruit Juice Concentrates & Purees (Organic versions of many ingredients are also available) Our product range includes: *Bioflavonoids (for nutraceuticals)*Citrus Zest *Dairy Powders e.g. yoghurt/sour cream, cheese etc. *Flavourings (natural & nature identical) *Fruit & Vegetable Fibres *Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Concentrates and Powders (air-dried, freeze-dried & spray-dried) *Fruit and Vegetable Purees (concentrated & natural strength) and Flakes (air-dried, freeze-dried & spray-dried) *Fruit Preparations (dairy & pie industry) *Gums (Vegetables) *Herbal and Botanical Extracts *Honey Powder *Inactive Yeasts *Inclusions e.g. toffee, fudge & fruit pieces (confectionery, ice cream & bakery industry) *Meat & Poultry Extract Powders *Natural Colours, Extracts and Blends *Natural Flavours and Fruit Esters *Nuts and Nut Pastes *Organic Ingredients (Soil Association certified) *Phytochemicals *Seafood Extracts *Spice Oleoresins *Tamarind (paste & powders) *Wine Extract Concentrates (liquid & powders). Most of our juice and puree products are aseptic packed, and this helps to preserve the natural quality of the product. Kanegrade ingredients are used primarily by food, pharmaceutical, health food and beverage manufacturers. Some examples of products where Kanegrade ingredients can be used are: bakery, savoury sauces and pies; pizzas, ready-made meals, cold meats, marinades, soups, dry mixes, butter and margarine, flavours, salads, cheeses, dips, beverages, desserts, yoghurts, ice-creams, sweet pies and sauces.

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