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Vitae Naturals, manufacturers of wellness

Vitae Naturals is a Spanish company established in 2001 with a strong international focus, which produces natural ingredients with the highest quality and purity criteria to enhance people’s life and create value to their company and customers, using raw materials and processes which help to maintain the environment.

Since its opening, Vitae Naturals has become the 1st European manufacturer of naturally-sourced Vitamin E -Vitapherole® - with non GMO IP certification, and nowadays it is one of the main manufacturers of phytosterols ester worldwide –Vitasterol®S-80 esterified-. Phytosterols are one the first products that obtained an approval of disease risk reduction health claim. The claim of lowering cholesterol and the risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease is well accepted by consumers, since elevated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) blood cholesterol is a leading cause of cardiovascular health problems. In addition, natural vitamin E has recently got the following health claim: “Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress”. Having these qualified health claims makes the difference for Vitae’s functional ingredients and benefits Vitae’s customers which will succeed launching finished products enriched with phytosterols or phytosterols esters (Vitasterol®) or natural vitamin E (Vitapherole®).

Vitae Naturals uses state of the art technology, which it is being constantly developed to optimize the productive process and to update its products with the aim of meeting current market requirements. During the last year, one of Vitae’s main objectives has been the development of ready-to-use ingredients to simplify their incorporation in customers’ food applications. Lately, two new formulations with phytosterols have been created: one of them is a water dispersible powder (Vitasterol® S-80 WDP) and the other one is a water dispersible liquid (Vitasterol® S-80 WDL). Both products can be easily added to beverages and aqueous food matrices. Another important advantage of these sterols is their lower contribution to calories.

Functional ingredients manufactured by Vitae Naturals are sold in more than 30 countries all over the five continents and in several industries: food and nutrition, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and feed sector. Vitae Naturals is proud to have an efficient and dynamic worldwide network to serve all its customers on time. Vitae’s portfolio also includes soy isoflavones -Vitavonoide®- , conjugated linoleic acid -Vitaslim®-, Lutein and tailor made Antioxidant Systems.

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