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Kingmar. Specialist in fresh cheese equipment.

Kingmar is a leading supplier in the world of soft cheese production. Our innovative machines are especially designed for small cheese manufacturers. They are all able to work in line in order to cover the whole production process for your satisfaction.

Why Kingmar?

A couple of years ago, we started to focus on soft cheese production. It bothered us, that many producers used machines, which are too expensive. After some research, we figured out that there were not many devices specialised in this market.

Affordable for smaller producers

The problem is that fresh cheese still is a niche market. Therefore, there are more small producers than bigger companies. Our intention is to build solid machines, which are also suitable for little manufacturers. The costs need to be in due proportion to the company size. That´s essential!

Gentle to vulnerable products

While developing Kingmar machines, we payed a lot of heed to product damage. Whenever the structure is changed, it also affects the taste of the product. And that is what you would want to avoid. For this reason, all Kingmar machines are tested to safeguard the quality in the best possible way.

Very easy to use

Our intention is that all of our products are very easy to use. Because you won´t want any unnecessary equipment that´s only in your way. Be sure when you deal with us: What you ask is what you get – as a sophisticated part of a complete working system.

First class in every way

All of the Kingmar machines are able to work together in a line in order to ensure a higher production rate. Also, some of them can be combined. In short: There are options enough. In case you have any special wishes, we will provide the perfect solution. It’s not without reason Kingmar!

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