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LycoRed is a global company with facilities in Israel, UK, US, the Ukraine and China. Its business is centered on the development of natural, value-added ingredients and formulations for dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, Premix blends of vitamins and mineral for the foods and beverages, colorants and flavor enhancers. LycoRed’s innovative carotenoid technology and advanced delivery capabilities enable it to address each customer’s unique challenges. LycoRed supplies microencapsulated micronutrients and specialty products to customers worldwide.

Natural color choices: From Yellow to Red LycoRed has expanded its natural colorant line to include new formulations based on natural carotenoids, specifically tomato lycopene and beta-carotene. Specially designed and formulated to solve natural colour issues, our Natural Colours are non migrating, pH, heat, light and ascorbic acid stable. Our natural colorants are used in products such as custard, yogurts, cheeses and margarines

Vitamin and Mineral Fortifications LycoRed offers the highest quality of vitamin and mineral premixes, custom made per customer requirements using our own formulations with high solubility and microencapsulation technologies for higher stability. We have also recently designed various readymade formulations for various health concepts in appliance with EFSA health claims which can be used in a drinkable yogurt or shakes. Lycored also offers oily blends of vitamins formulation such as A, D & E for fortified margarines among others.

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