EDA uses postponement of Farm-to-Fork strategy to highlight dairy’s crucial role in Europe

On 25 March 2020, the original planned date of publication of the European Commission’s Farm- to-Fork Strategy, the European Dairy Association (EDA) released a statement to highlight once more its important role in healthy diets for individuals, as well as for food security for Europe and globally, in ‘normal’ times as much as in this time of crisis.

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The US outlook for dairy

Dr. Marin Bozic at the University of Minnesota recently addressed the current US dairy situation during a webinar, hosted by the I-29 Moo University and Minnesota Milk.

Herzgut delivers in Germany

Due to the restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, Herzgut is offering a delivery service, so people can get their dairy products delivered to the door and thereby minimise the risk of infection.

Doing the hard work

It seems strange to think that several years ago, Dairy Crest in the UK was despairing over the milk delivery business and the loss leader tactics in supermarkets were threatening its viability as a whole.


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