dairy products


Enjoying the cheese

News comes that Canadian cheese maker Saputo is exporting the UK’s own Cathedral City cheddar cheeses to not only Canada, but the US. It is good to know that more tasty cheddar will be available across the pond, but as specialist and artisan cheese makers know, it’s been there for a while, in both domestic and imported formats. At any rate, I feel that better cheese lifts all palates, to paraphrase a saying.

Defending dairy

This week promises to be one where people smack their heads and try to figure out what others are thinking. As in, doing things like the following: signing their company’s name to a letter where it basically asks the European Union to take out Amendment 171 in the Common Agricultural Policy Reform. This is the one ensuring that the words “milk”, “cheese”, “yoghurt”, “butter” or “whey” are used exclusively for products that contain dairy milk.


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