Local cheese at Selfridges Birmingham

From strong and stinky through to creamy and nuanced, the Midlands produces a superb selection of cheeses. On 16 April, Selfridges Birmingham department store opened a new artisanal cheese counter, with 70% of those offered being produced locally. Products selected include Colston Bassett, Berkswell and Double Worcester. There will also be a wide selection of traditional cheese board favourites such […]

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UK revises infant milk laws for goat milk formulas

The UK’s Department of Health is set to amend its regulations concerning infant milk formulations, after a consultation period. It is doing so in line with  EU regulations. The Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula (England) Regulations 2007 will be amended as of 28 February, and will put into place EU rule changes allowing the use of goats’ milk protein […]

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Blessed are the cheesemakers

It is a common practice among people of the same profession to talk about their jobs when they all get together, and cheese makers are no different. However, cheese makers, particularly smaller ones, usually operate individually. As one cheese maker put it, “I look forward to the next valid opportunity to tear myself away from my vat.” Cheese making can be a lonely, frustrating business.

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