Arla Food Ingredients doubles alpha-lactalbumin output

Arla Foods Ingredients has doubled its capacity for producing alpha-lactalbumin in a bid to meet growing demand from the global infant formula market. Alpha-lactalbumin is the dominant protein in human milk, but is also found naturally in cows’ milk. Incorporating it into infant formula enables manufacturers to create products that more closely resemble breast milk. […]

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Arla study shows baby immune development

Feeding babies with infant formula enriched with Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan OPN-10 supports their immune development, according to the results of a new trial. Lacprodan OPN-10 is made from the whey protein osteopontin, a bioactive component associated with the maturation of the infant immune system. Osteopontin is found in high concentrations in human milk ­ about 138mg per litre ­ […]

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