Health & Nutrition Solutions for the Best Start in Life

Before we even take our first steps, much has been determined about our future. The thousand days spanning pregnancy and early infancy are a critical window – what happens then can have a dramatic impact on the rest of our lives.

Children that receive insufficient amounts of certain nutrients during this period suffer everything from increased risk of some non-communicable diseases (such as obesity) through to lifelong deficits in brain function. The far-reaching effects of decisions taken during those early days creates an opportunity for food and nutrition companies to drive big improvements in human health.

With over two decades of experience in supplementation, Prinova offers a wide range of custom nutrient premixes to boost fertility and support the health of mother and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To learn more about the nutrients needed, when they are needed and how food and nutrition companies can meet these demands .

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  1. Dizial says:

    Food must be available, accessible, and adequate for all individuals to ensure their basic nutritional needs are met. Availability refers to the presence of food in reasonable quantities and variety within a given area, including both local and imported sources. Accessibility implies that food is physically and economically within reach of all individuals, regardless of their income or location. Adequacy suggests that the food available is of sufficient quantity and quality to provide necessary nutrients for a healthy diet. These three pillars are crucial in addressing food insecurity and promoting the well-being of communities at large.

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