Spring is coming

Some weekends are about moving things around and getting things tidied. This weekend was unseasonably warm, the flowers were up, and so the allotment was the place to go. I cleared out the strawberry patch and reorganised it for the new season. Dug out the pond there a bit, and was startled by what I can only guess is a frog. So, the idea to put a lined tin tub in the ground has been a solid one. We have built the pond, and the amphibians are coming. May they eat many snails and slugs and be happy.

Sometimes it’s about condensing things for ease of use and accessibility, and bringing good things together to make something even better. Witness the birth of Heinz Beanz Cheesy, which uses Cathedral City Extra Mature cheddar for a one-stop hit of beans and cheese. This is a combination that 47 per cent of the consumers polled in the company’s own research said were one of the best food combinations. I would argue that the qualifier of “one of” should be removed. I expect this one to be a winner too.

Our Expo, which is in one place with the International Cheese and Dairy Awards, will also be a place of condensing things for an event larger than the sum of its parts. Located in Staffordshire’s County Showground, it will be central meeting up place for all things dairy, ranging from suppliers to cheese and dairy makers and retailers. The Society of Dairy Technology will be there on 26 June, and then 27 June will be a full day of judging, awards, seminars and exhibitors. To say I am looking forward to it is an understatement. Please keep an eye out for upcoming, exciting keynote speaker news too, which is underway now.

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