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Dairy Industries International has been the global mouthpiece for the dairy industry for more than 84 years. As the leading magazine for the dairy processor, our coverage is world-wide – we capture trends ranging from Asia’s favourite bubble tea coming to Europe, to the growing presence of the Chinese and Indian dairy industries in the world marketplace, to what raw material inputs are doing to dairy price volatility.

Together with our quality printed monthly magazine, the only international dairy magazine to be published 12 times a year, we offer our weekly e-newsletter for keeping readers ahead of the latest news, as well as the website with news updated daily online. Our Twitter and Linkedin feeds are constantly updated to provide you with the latest information, trends, new products and new equipment.

Our editorial advisory board consists of dairy industry leaders from around the world, and we get regular contributions from our writers, who travel extensively to give you the facts about international dairy. We keep a close eye on things that matter to you, such as CAP reform in the European Union, the rise of functional products in the added-value marketplace and the continued pace of mergers and acquisitions.

That is what Dairy Industries is all about – adding value to your business, through timely articles and news about what’s important in your world. If you’re interested, we’re interested. This philosophy has kept Dairy Industries International a market leader for more than seven decades.

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Print and Digital Subscription includes 12 issues per year delivered by Priority fast-track mail to any destination, plus digital access to the magazines in e-zine or PDF format, plus full access to all website content and the back issue archive.

Digital Subscription includes digital access to the magazines (12 issues per year) in e-zine or PDF format, plus full access to all website content and the back issue archive.

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Bell Publishing Ltd is an international publisher of highly targeted trade journals and websites covering the food and packaging industries. As well as Dairy Industries International, we publish leading titles Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, Food and Drink Technology, CanTech International, Confectionery Production and sister website Sweets & Savoury Snacks World. We also organise four events, Tea & Coffee World Cup for the tea, coffee and cocoa industries; World Confectionery Conference for the confectionery, chocolate, bakery and snacks industry; and Asia CanTech and CanTech the Grand Tour for the metal packaging industry.

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