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EDA takes on Nestlé

A letter signed by several multinational companies including Unilever and Nestlé asks that the European Parliament reconsider some of its premises, including current provisions ensuring the words “milk”, “cheese”, “yoghurt”, “butter” or “whey” are used exclusively for products that contain dairy milk.

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Austrian dairy sector reviewed for 2019

Austrian dairies and cheese manufactures were supplied with 3,139,802 tons of raw milk in 2019, which was a decrease of 1.35% compared to 2018, according to Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA), which has published a review for the country’s dairy sector.

Lacthosa helps out in Honduras

In the wake of the pandemic, Lacthosa, a Honduras-based company producing and distributing milk, juices and beverages, undertook a series of actions in order to sustain its operations, and support national efforts to contain the epidemic in Honduras.


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