Demographics and elections

I have been seriously wading in elections and demographics this weekend. First, I helped out leafleting for one of the local parties. I did enjoy how people, once they ascertained the candidate was in the neighbourhood, would discuss their issues with him endlessly, until we pulled him away. Even if they had said they were voting for someone else. People just want to be heard. And who knows, perhaps one or two of them will go out and vote, and vote for the candidate we were helping. Even if they vote for the other parties, they are participating. If you’ve got a vote going, please do use it. Elections have consequences.

It was democracy in action, really. Talked to a lot of Boomers (1946-1964) and a Silent generation one or two (1925-1945). Even though some parties here are catering to this older demographic (and sometimes appallingly so), they really don’t feel like anyone in power is listening to them.

I do also think that sometimes, politicians cater to the worst impulses in people, when actually, most people want to do decent things, be healthy and be well thought of. They don’t actually want to retain privileges at the expense of their children and grandchildren’s future. It was a quite pleasant experience, actually.

Then, since my child is now of an age where he is considering university, we were off to an open day. The Generation Z were out in full force on the campus, with my child among the younger of them (2001-2020). I am of the other one-letter generation, Generation X (1965-1980).

There were protests on campus, and there were a lot of teenagers wandering around with their parents trailing behind, trying to make sense of the next step in their child’s life. I felt excited for him, because my time at university was interesting and fun, and I made and cemented friendships I keep to this day. It is a time of possibility in one’s life, is it not?

So, we will visit a few more, and will enjoy the teas, coffees and biscuits they offer in the various departments. Collect the brochures. Much to my child’s embarrassment, I was busy trying to cadge a free travel cup. Which I did. It has llamas on it. Who doesn’t like a camelid? And I do drink enough milky coffee to justify such items.

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