What a week

A week is a long time in politics and by the time you read this (if you’re looking at a resend), some of the elections will be underway, some will still be underway and some have already finished up (well, France has gone through its first round). 

This week, it’s the British elections on 4 July, and we will see what we get on Friday. Whoever winds up being in charge, I hope they consider the farmers and their issues first, really. Political types have a long history of ignoring the very small population that feeds the much greater population through their efforts, I have found. No doubt you have too. But this is about change and long overdue, in my humble opinion.  

Meanwhile, last week we held our second Expo, in conjunction with the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, and the day after the Society of Dairy Technology’s Summer Symposium and well-attended dinner. All these events were amazing, from the cheese judging to the presentations, both at the Expo and at the symposium. I would like to thank all the speakers and participants for their hard work in offering the industry timely information about many topics, including the very last presentation. Tracey Colley and Noemie Richard, of the Academy of Cheese and Savencia, offered the highlights of what the Academy offers. These continued drives to make the cheese industry even better, are what places like the Academy are all about. 

Plus, the workers behind the scenes – Debbie, Rachel, Andy Aimee, Sam, Ian, Dai, Chris, Neil and everyone else I have missed – made everything happen. We moved into a space that was a well-oiled machine for the cheese awards (128 years!), and they made us feel welcome and helped us out when the videos didn’t work. I also have to thank the good exhibitors who assisted with items for the seminars. DFDS, you folks are the best. And all the nice people who helped move the chairs for us. 

So, don’t miss the next year’s Expo. We promise to continue to bring you information and new ideas (I’m mulling over the presentations as I write this), as well as a large dose of networking, camaraderie and a place to showcase your wares in this wonderful industry we call the dairy industry. Plus have some cheese.  

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