Regional campaign for milk and water

Allgäuer Alpenwasser (bottled water company) and the Allgäuer Hof-Milch (dairy) have started a mutual campaign “Together for the region” to offer consumers information on the local foods and drinks.

The bottled water company gets its resources locally from the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park, where the rain is the basis for its mineral water. Meanwhile, the dairy makes products from local hay milk cows, which graze on the local meadows, pastures and Alps in the summer and get dried grass in the form of hay in the winter.

The fresh alpine water is bottled by Allgäuer Alpenwasser in Wiedemannsdorf, while the hay milk products of Allgäuer Hof-Milch come from plants in Missen-Wilhams, Sonthofen and Wertach.

“It was incomprehensible to us that there was no independent dairy in the Allgäu milk country, which turned Allgäu hay milk into high-quality products. Since the beginning of December 2016 we have been processing Allgäu hay milk into fresh dairy products. For us it is crucial that the value chain remains in the Allgäu. Starting with milk production, through processing and distribution. We greatly appreciate the work of our farmers, so we pay a guaranteed milk price of 40 cents per liter. It is also important to us to invest in the production capacities in the Allgäu. Only in this way can the partnership between the farmers, the dairy and the trade function properly,” claim the two managing directors Matthias Haug and Johannes Nußbaumer of Allgäuer Hof-Milch.

The joint campaign campaign “Together for the region” should increase the awareness of local consumers for regional food.

Planned next is a common brand appearance on the packaging, actions eg, with information on the water and milk and shared moments of enjoyment in the region and for the region.

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