Falling catering sales, rising demand in Austria

Austrian dairy Vorarlberg Milch claims to have lost almost 40% of its sales due to falling sales in the catering and export sectors. However, higher sales in other areas have meant production has continued.

“We are in a very difficult situation. Sales in the catering trade are practically zero and sales channels to Italy and Germany are becoming more difficult every day,” said managing director, Raimund Wachter.

In order to counter the seasonal increase in milk delivery, the co-operative first asked its 500 supplying farmers to voluntarily ‘significantly reduce’ the amount of milk. In addition, Vorarlberg consumers appealed to consumers to buy more regional milk products. But now the panic has gone and Vorarlberg Milch is not currently implementing its emergency plan. This means that the suppliers do not have to reduce their sales volume.

According to the company, the solidarity of the Vorarlberg population has led to higher sales. Raimund Wachter emphasises that production has not been shut down, but problems in the supply chain would have meant that the entire range was not always available everywhere.

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