JBT’s PLF International grows powder seamer portfolio

JBT Corporation’s PLF International, a provider to the global food and beverage industry, has launched its new PLF VGS vacuum gassing seamer, a sustainable gassing solution. For slow speed applications, PLF VGS processes up to 30 cans per minute with  low gas consumption of 15 cubic metres per hour during start-up to reduce enclosure down to less than 1% oxygen, followed by 17 cubic metres per hour during production. This provides a smaller machinery footprint than other existing technologies on clean room floors.

The solution’s vacuum gassing and seaming operations are carried out separately in the PLF design. This allows container rims to be sealed during the vacuum-gassing process and keeps them clean for subsequent seaming, preventing powder from migrating out of containers. The technology also offers efficient changeovers of multiple SKU short runs via the solution’s single seaming head and realistically achievable residual oxygen (RO) levels of 1% or less, PLF International says.

The new machine was developed in conjunction with the JBT Research Technology Center for Filling & Closing in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. The technology utilises techniques that PLF has developed over many years in vacuum-based powder filling to minimise the loss of powder during the vacuum and gassing process and reduce the risk of product contamination.

For more information, please visit https://www.jbtc.com.

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