Healthy Heights KidzProtein range to hit Walmart’s shelves

Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd., (NGS), (ASX:NGS) a provider of clinically-backed nutritional products designed for children, has deepened its collaboration with Walmart, Inc. as it rolls out its high in demand Healthy Heights KidzProtein range to an initial 403 select brick and mortar stores across the United States.

KidzProtein nutritional shakes contain whey protein and a full array of vitamins and minerals to support optimal childhood growth and development. They also contain a blend of fruit and vegetables as well as omega-3 fatty acids crucial for brain and cognitive function. The shakes, which can serve as a nutritious and delicious breakfast or a healthy tasty snack between meals, will now feature on the shelves of Walmart stores in two flavours; chocolate and vanilla and will be supplied from the company’s manufacturing facility in Utah.

“Parents are looking for easy and convenient options to fill in nutritional gaps especially when their child is a picky eater or super active or simply to support everyday wellness,” says Liron Fendell, CEO and managing director for Nutritional Growth Solutions. “KidzProtein shakes are a great option. When the nutritional profiles of the formulas were set by our pediatricians, they reviewed global data regarding nutritional deficiencies most common in children to determine the optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. We created our KidzProtein range to support the unique nutritional needs of children.”

The products’ composition of macro and micronutrients offers parents a 2-in -1 solution for nourishing their young ones. “We encourage parents to use the powder in a smoothie or shake alongside other ingredients such as fruit, nut butter, and veggies to award a hearty nutritional boost during breakfast or as a snack,” adds Fendell. The powdered product which packs a wealth of nutrition into each 25-27g serving can be sneakily added into multiple recipes such as smoothies, muffins and pancakes for picky eaters struggling with appetite issues or who don’t consume the volume of foods needed to meet nutritional needs. A serving can also simply be mixed into half a cup of milk or water making it incredibly easy to prepare and palette.

“Having Healthy Heights stocked in Walmart stores coincides with growing consumer demand for nutritional children’s products that are not only nutritious, but also tasty, scientifically backed and safe to use, and is a trend we are seeing across both the US and in other global markets in which we operate,” adds Steve Turner, President of Nutritional Growth Solutions Inc., North America.

The recent infant formula shortage in the US market has inadvertently opened the door for emerging brands and products in the infant nutrition category as store buyers who were previously unable to find the space for lining major brands are now facing empty shelves that are calling to be replenished. “Healthy Heights was on the top of mind for Walmart,” says Turner “Our product line will replace toddler beverages missing from the shelves and targets kids aged 2-10 years old.”

In addition to in-store placement for two KidzProtein SKU’s, Walmart is also taking the entire Healthy Heights product portfolio onboard its online ( “fulfilled by Walmart” platform. This means that the products will be held in multiple Walmart owned distribution centres and customers will be able to benefit from enhanced, speedier delivery and in-store pick up services.

“The evolution of our Walmart relationship to now include its standing outlets across the US will expand and ease access of Healthy Heights to even more American families. These developments also have effectively placed our retail expansion strategy ahead of schedule and marks a significant step in our ongoing retail growth efforts,” concludes Turner.

About Nutritional Growth Solutions Nutritional Growth Solutions is a global nutritional health company focused on the well-being of children. NGS develops, produces and sells clinically tested nutritional supplement formulae for children following 20 years of medical research into paediatric nutrition at Schneider Children’s Medical Centre, Israel’s largest paediatric hospital. The nutritional supplements market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, but most attention has been focused on adult users and children under three years of age. The three to twelve-year-old consumers represent a larger market opportunity and NGS is highly differentiated from its competitors with clinically tested products and an expanding product portfolio to capture this market opportunity.

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