Modern Milkman debuts Iced Coffee Milkshake

Now, coffee lovers can get their much-needed caffeine hit just by opening their front door, thanks to Modern Milkman’s latest launch – Iced Coffee Milkshake. A  ready-made alternative to a coffee shop cold brew, this latest addition is guaranteed to kick start any coffee lovers morning.

Delivered straight to the door in returnable – and reusable – glass bottles, the creamy cold drink is best served over crushed ice and is made with both real milk and real coffee to provide the ultimate energy-boosting refreshment.

Partnering with Lancashire-based milkshake masters, Derby Hill Dairy, Modern Milkman Iced Coffee Milkshake is delivered in returnable glass bottles that can be reused. The brand collects, washes and reuses glass bottles again and again, so there’s no need to grind beans or recycle plastic.

It is available on its own or as part of the brand’s luxury milkshakes pack – which includes customer favourites; strawberry, banana and chocolate.

Simon Mellin, CEO and founder at Modern Milkman, said: “As a nation, we now drink around 98 million cups of coffee every day, and we’re thrilled to help quench the national coffee lovers thirst via the launch of our Iced Coffee Milkshake. Not only does this new launch help to save some precious time in the morning, it will also help curb any temptation to spend money on added treats whilst visiting the coffee shops. Innovating return and reuse products is important to us, so, our iced coffee milkshake helps to protect the environment with our returnable and reusable traditional glass bottles.”

“As a brand, we’re also passionate about supporting independent British suppliers, so our partnership with Derby Hill Dairy is really special and we’re proud to work alongside British dairy producers to make the morning that little bit easier and more personal for all of our customers.”

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