Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland celebrates 50 years and investments

On 11 October 2022, Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland celebrated its 50th anniversary at Dungannon, Northern Ireland, in the presence of the Greiner Family Council from Austria, representatives of regional and local government, and investors.

At the event, the company announced new investments totalling over £10 million (€11.4m), for the installation of new bespoke machinery, commissioning of a new manufacturing hall, and the expansion of the warehouse from 3,000 to 11,000 spaces.

“For 50 years, we have produced some of the world’s most sustainable packaging for food and non-food applications at our factory in Dungannon,” says director of operations at Greiner Packaging International, Jarek Zasadzinski.

“As we celebrate this important anniversary, we are proud to announce these new investments which follow the more than £35 million we have invested since acquiring Wilsanco in 2006. Sixteen years ago, the site was turning over £15 million and today we are achieving £60 million. Our goal is to grow this site to £100 million over the next three to four years.”

“These investments, by Greiner Packaging International, were partly funded by Invest NI, UK government, and EU regional development funds, and have contributed to building a highly successful and sustainable manufacturing business which services hundreds of customers across the UK and Ireland.”

“We are so proud of our achievements, of our loyal and committed workforce, and to be celebrating 50 sustainable years in Dungannon in 2022.”

To mark the 50 years, five trees were planted, one for each decade.

Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland sales director Julie Eller notes, “After we acquired Wilscanco in 2006, we invested over £2.5 million in building Northern Ireland’s first high-bay warehouse, made from sustainable materials.

“Three years later, through the introduction of energy consumption reducing wind power, Project SCool delivered the factory’s water-cooling needs. This was immediately followed by the need to remove excess heat from the cooling system, and Project SCool still delivers the heating requirements for the Integrated College across the road from the factory. It has not only made a significant contribution to CO2 reduction, but the energy savings made have resulted in the school being able to fund an additional four teachers.

“The project was supported by Invest NI and UK government and preparations are now underway for Project SCool 2.0, which will see the existing school being expanded to three times its current size, with Greiner Packaging providing 100% of the heating requirements.

“In 2019, we began the transition to meeting energy requirements solely from renewable sources, and by 2021 we reached that milestone. Plans are in place to become carbon neutral by 2030, in line with the Greiner AG Blue Plan for the entire Greiner Group.”

At the event were, from the Greiner Family Council: Dominik Greiner, Christof Greiner, Barbara Mechtler-Habig and Peter Greiner.

The chief executive of the mid-Ulster Council, Adrian McCreesh, attended, as did chair Cora Corry and Dungannon Counsellor Clement Cuthbertson. The Northern Ireland Assemble saw Deborah Erskine MLA – DUP Fermanagh & South Tyrone as its representative at the event, along with Jeremy Fitch, executive director for business growth and Iain Joannides, client manager at Invest NI. Roisin McNamara, CBI associate regional director, was also present.

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