Trinity AgTech partners with Jersey’s dairy industry on net zero goal

Trinity AgTech has partnered with Jersey Dairy to improve the sustainability of the island’s dairy industry and help them achieve their net zero ambitions.

Under the partnership, Jersey Dairy will use Trinity AgTech’s new generation natural capital navigator, Sandy, across all the Jersey dairy businesses, to assess the carbon impact of their entire supply chain, from farm level all the way through to the products on the shelves.

“Together with information from our dairy farms, Sandy will provide us with significant amounts of analytics and data, which we can use to build a true picture of our sustainability status. The information can then be shared with consumers for added transparency and to highlight provenance,” explains farmer and chairman at Jersey Dairy, Andrew Le Gallais.

“We have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions on-farm, but there’s still more to be done. The farming community across the island make up less than 5% of total carbon emissions but it’s important we play our part in responding to the global climate crisis.

“Annually, our farmers are producing 14 million litres of milk which is all processed by Jersey Dairy into our own branded dairy products. We already do a lot of benchmarking on the island and we want to build on that to determine our exact carbon impact, and drive efficiencies,” he adds.

“Knowing your individual farm sustainability metrics really motivates you to improve and develop collaborative initiatives. This is where Sandy can really add value and provide valuable information to improve business resilience.”

Explaining the reasoning behind the partnership, he says, “Earlier this year, the Jersey government published a Carbon Neutral Strategy, laying out the roadmap to net zero by 2050.

“We realised there were huge advantages to driving this sustainability journey ourselves, rather than waiting for government directives.”

Mr Le Gallais says that Jersey Dairy undertook significant research into measuring carbon within a dairy system and sought out an independent tool that was fit for purpose, and that they could trust and rely on.

“With most carbon tools on the market, you feed the information in, and it gives you a figure and that’s the end of it,” he says. “But Sandy offers scientific and robust ‘what if’ analysis where you can input hypothetical scenarios to understand where changes will have the greatest effect, and that’s particularly valuable to us in making informed decisions.

“The dairy sector is a fundamental part of Jersey’s economy, so we’re really pleased to be working with Trinity AgTech and their natural capital navigator, Sandy, to make a positive impact on the sustainability of the industry.”

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