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This October, a group of exhibitors ranging from freezer technology to boilers and everything in between will meet up in Harrogate for Dairy Industries Expo, our inaugural event. The registration form for the Dairy Industries Expo can be found here.

For its part, Penmann will be exhibiting at the Dairy Industries Expo in partnership with global French company Clauger, manufacturers of the Clauger Rapid Cooling Cell. Both companies are experts in the field of rapid cooling for the Dairy Industry and will be showcasing their Rapid Cooling Solution for Palletised and/or Racked Products.

Appointed by Clauger to represent their business in the UK, Penmann’s technical excellence and system design experience provide the perfect partnership. Together their expertise and products combine to present a highly effective and energy efficient solution for the rapid cooling of products.

The Clauger Rapid Cooling Cell saves energy and increases product efficiency offering the Diary Industry a viable alternative to traditional blast chilling systems. If your business depends on rapid cooling for palletised products, please visit Stand M8 to see a working Cell in operation.

The Cell operates by forming a tight seal around your product therefore ensuring all air and energy goes directly into cooling your product as opposed to bypassing it. It can cool a wide range of products across a variety of pallet/rack heights, and in some cases, achieve pay back in less than two years.

With rapid cooling a critical step in dairy processing the Clauger Cell can reduce some product cooling times to less than an hour to get below 5 degrees.

Rapid cooling is also an essential step due to its impact on product quality, uniformity, and shelf life. The benefits associated with rapid cooling are measurable with positive impacts on intrinsic product quality, reduced required storage area, and the possibility for just-in-time management.

With over 47 years’ experience in designing and installing product cooling systems for the food industry Penmann has unrivalled expertise in the sector and thorough knowledge of what works.

Penmann’s expertise in dairy is evidenced by the number of high profile, household brands, that have benefitted from its technical excellence, including Arla, Müller, Village Dairy, Rachel’s Organic, Unique Dairy, Nestlé and Dale Farms.

Clauger is a global leader in rapid cooling for the dairy industry and has been developing industrial refrigeration products for more than 50 years with solutions ranging from low-temperature refrigeration systems to refrigeration for processing, such as rapid cooling. With over 3,000 Cooling Cells operational worldwide it’s a powerful argument for taking a closer look at the technology surrounding it.

Gain further insights into this unique partnership by attending the Penmann and Clauger lecture in the speaker theatre at 12.40pm on 4 October.

Freeze dryer for the environment

Meanwhile, Cuddon is joining us from New Zealand. The Blenheim-based engineering firm has recently posted another world first, using carbon dioxide in a new, more environmentally friendly freeze dryer. Cuddon is the only freeze dryer manufacturer in the southern hemisphere and have been producing freeze dry systems for 60 years. It has built, shipped and installed more than 450 freeze dryers globally.

After years of development, the pioneering machine, named Sophie by Cuddon staff, is tipped to make a huge impact on the industry. Freeze dry manager Helen Ashworth says the new design is better in every way, with a shorter cycle time and being better for the environment. “We didn’t realise how good it [CO2] would be,” she says. “The gas has more grunt than we realised.”

Cuddon chief executive Terry Duff says the new freeze dryer design is a game changer. Globally the use of CO2 as a refrigerant is becoming more common, but engineering challenges required significant design work, he says. Along with being environmentally friendly, the new design has a 30 per cent higher product capacity, a shorter drying cycle and operational energy savings.

“We are excited to be leading the charge with the CO2 Freeze Dryer, a game changer for our customers around the world as we continue the Cuddon tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and now striving for sustainable quality engineering solutions,” Duff says.

The new CO2 Cuddon freeze dryer will be showcased globally this year at the European Foodex, the American Dairy Producers Institute, along with out Dairy Industries Expo in the UK.

Boiling to succeed

Byworth Boilers for its part has recently installed a four-roll machine with larger capacity rollers, enabling it to enhance productivity and substantially increase its production capacity. With this addition to the facility, it can now take on more projects, deliver faster turnaround times, and ensure even higher quality standards for its valued clients.

“We believe that investing in advanced technology is key to staying competitive in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving industry landscape. Our team is excited to harness the power of the Davi Promau 4 roll machine to continue exceeding customer expectations and driving our business forward,” the company says.

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