IMD and Pro Water announce business partnership

On 21 September IMD and Pro Water will celebrate a new partnership. Earlier this month, Eddy Hilbrink, André Bos and Tom Dekker signed the official documents giving a new start to their 13 years of cooperation. Both companies will continue as partners under the umbrella of the Onyma Group with the objective to innovate and grow smarter and faster. 

IMD is an international player in the dairy field and advises dairy industry in The Netherlands and abroad to significantly reduce product losses and costs, and to become more sustainable at the same time.

Advanced measurements have long been indispensable in optimizing processes in both industry and governments within the water world. This new partnership brings together two powerhouses in the field of measurement: IMD is known for its innovative measurement solutions and Pro Water for its robust product knowledge.  

In its 53 years of existence, IMD has played a pioneering role in the water world when it comes to monitoring and measurement. Their expertise grew from knowledge about reliable (traditional) measurement to integral process knowledge where the company uses smart software for its customers, giving customers 24/7 online access to reliable data.  

Pro Water has obtained extensive measurement knowledge during its 23-year existence. Pro Water is the distributor of renowned brands such as Lovibond Tintometer, Gebrüder Heyl, Kuntze Instruments, Horiba, GO System-elektronik and LuminUltra. Whether it is swimming pool water, process water, wastewater or drinking water, Pro Water has the measurement in-house to accurately measure virtually every parameter.  

Cooperation and knowledge exchange has always played a major role between Pro Water and IMD. IMD employees encounter customer questions in the field for which they see a solution in a particular type of measurement. In their search for the right measurement technique, they often ended up at Pro Water. Pro Water, in turn, could turn to IMD for applications and testing of measurements, and for unlocking the data through IMD’s software platform: Sensight.  

Now that both companies operate under the same holding company, Pro Water and IMD can offer smarter solutions to their customers. More companies or representations are expected to join the Onyma Group.   

Within the new partnership, Eddy Hilbrink will remain director of Pro Water and Sander Swuste, director at IMD, will coordinate between the two companies. The identity of both companies will remain the same. Director of the Onyma Group is Tom Dekker. 

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