A cheese board or two

We had the neighbours over for dinner last week, and in addition to discussing the peculiarities of our Victorian housing such as long-lost chimney vents and clay pipeworks that acted like a doorway for the local rodent population, we had a cheeseboard. I went a bit silly as the number of local retailers is so high, we can buy anything from an aged gouda to a Welsh goat cheese and everything in between. Had a bit of Creamy Lancashire as well as Belton Farm’s vintage Red Leicester.

The interesting thing about cheese, is that people who say they don’t eat a lot of dairy will still go a bit nuts when the cheeseboard comes out, as our neighbours did. Cheese is becoming a leader with where milk goes, as its output has grown by 21% from 2005-2014, according to the International Dairy Federation.

It does depend where you are on the planet, however. Denmark was the top consumer of cheese in 2016, at 28.1 kilograms per person. That’s a lot of hygge. Meanwhile, China was below 1kg per person. There is a lot of room for growth.

In related dairy news, I also wound up talking about skyr, the Icelandic yogurt phenomenon, at my local gym. Protein continues to be a trend out in the wider world, and in a boxing gym, it’s central to discussions. There is so much misinformation about nutrition, it is incumbent on everyone to set people straight. Our instructor seems to have a thing against bread, for example. But he does eat two yogurts a day. Good man.

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