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I have just returned from a holiday in southern Italy. In fact, I was in Campania and ate more mozzarella di bufala than I thought humanly possible. Also had a large amount of gelato and Parma ham and pizza. Visited Paestum, which was worth a trip, and then Pompeii, Herculaneum(1) and Vesuvius.

We also went to visit a few of the buffalo gals at Tenuta Vannulo, but they were quite freaked out by the recently departed gaggle of school children shouting at them, so not as happy as they normally would be. I note they still were enjoying the feed and the scrubby brushes, however. We left with a large polystyrene box of mozzarella balls and consumed them at our villa before we left for home.

Had we been inclined (and not had a few more balls stuffed in our suitcases, along with some buffalo butter), we could have purchased some to take home with us at the Naples Airport. I have to credit the suppliers of the cheeses and other delicious local products – there was a large shop at the terminal after security, with all manner of items for people to purchase on the way home from their lovely holiday.

I think this is where the UK comes up a bit short. Where are all the cheeses and delicious food items at the airport, ready to purchase and bring home? It doesn’t take much more than a chilled refrigerator case to put the products out in front of the public, at a time when they are very open to buying it. That store had a decent queue as we left. Even at considerably higher prices than the €3 per giant ball we paid at Vannulo (

The trick is grabbing the customer when they are ready to say yes. A selection of British cheeses, after they’ve had a wonderful holiday here in the UK, would not go amiss at the airports.

(1) I would also recommend a recently opened B&B, Il Giardino dei Glicini, in Ercolano, if you are stopping there. It deserves its very high reviews on or

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