A rose by any other name

The news that Dairy Crest is being rebranded as Saputo Dairy UK comes as little surprise to most of us in the dairy industry. However, it does not mean its top brands Cathedral City and Country Life butter will change the names, just the overall company name. Until recently, I still had my milk delivered by a Dairy Crest branded milk float, but I think it’s now changed over to Milk & More, Müller’s brand for the home delivery market. It’s been a long time, and the United dairy truck was in service back when we started our deliveries at home.

But what is exactly in a name? The milk is delivered regularly and I am as guilty as everyone of not noticing the changes. I’m never up that early.

Interestingly, the British dairy market has been internationalised on a level that I guess nobody in charge at Westminster (Who is in charge? Answers on a postcard to our offices please) has bothered to look at. One would think the one of the two politicians that about five people and their dogs are going to pick as the next prime minister would be interested in how global this industry now is and how key open borders are to continuance of free trade, but instead they are busy reassuring people that they will have a contingency fund for businesses for a no-deal Brexit, and yelping about how 31 October is the definite end date, deal or no deal. Considering how often the current government has offered new schemes for various parts of the economy, without any concrete funding to actually pay for it, I suspect that the trillions mentioned will be more hot air. And hopefully the end date will also dissolve into the next deadline.

Never mind. Business has to continue no matter what the political weather, I guess. Pass the milk.

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