The weather files

The weather files

Here in Western Europe, it has been hot this past week. Amazingly hot (38°C, or 100° Fahrenheit in old money), but I guess we will all have to get used to more of this as the climate changes. It is somewhat weird to have weather I associate with my hometown summers here in the UK now. More holidays in Scandinavia and Scotland are required, I suspect.

Ice cream and consumer products giant Unilever posted results this week, showing promise in emerging markets, with its ice cream division improving in these regions, despite poorer weather in established markets in the second quarter of 2019. I have noticed that some countries eat ice cream no matter what, while here in the UK there tends to be a rush to the Mr Whippy ice cream van when it gets above 18° Celsius and there is a hint of sun in the sky. Another trend is that of ever-increasingly unusual flavours and additions to the ice cream range. Mere Magnums are no longer enough – there are white chocolate ones with cookie inclusions now.

Further, the lower calorie frozen dessert, where people may eat en entire pot of ice cream at one sitting, and only consume 300-odd calories, is becoming more prevalent in the frozen aisle. There is no free lunch, however, and the ingredients list runs a bit longer than your usual standard tubs, as getting the flavour and mouthfeel right takes a bit more formulation.

I for one have never been much of a binger of anything except popcorn, and the idea of eating an entire tub of ice cream meant for several people actually makes me feel a bit ill. As one industry participant said, I don’t really want to encourage that kind of consumption, so I’d rather make delicious ice cream and have people eat less of it.

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