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First off I wanted to welcome our own Samantha Bull back to the dairy herd here at Dairy Industries International this week as our advertising sales manager. Sam has been with the magazine for several years, and has been on maternity leave for the past year.

She has definitely been a key part of what makes this magazine work and be the success that it is (and provided the ads that I try and scribble around). So, expect to see her at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris in December, and PPMA in Birmingham in October. Also, please feel free to contact her at [email protected] in the meantime.

We had an interesting visitor to the allotment over the weekend. The young man wanted to volunteer so he could build his skill set, in the case of an apocalypse, he not so jokingly said. My fellow allotmenteers explained to him how bees work and I thought, if there is an apocalypse, you can keep the plot because we’re all going hydroponic, as the soil will be contaminated and there won’t be a bee around to do anything. We’ll be in our bunkers, thanks.

I keep coming back to this, but what are they teaching our children in biology? One of the reasons people can’t get into farming is that they have no idea how it works – cows somehow produce milk, food grows, but how and why? It’s a mystery to them or they get the information from people on the internet who may have agendas that are anti-farming and anti-dairy. Then again, I know there are some farmers that are doing YouTube videos, which is a good idea.

Should we develop a video game where the cows shoot things? (My mother-in-law rather amusingly refers to Fortnite as “Bums & Guns”.) Daisy could run around the hills shooting, and stopping twice a day to get milked. It’s no sillier than anything else I’ve seen on the consoles.

But I think we should take this kid on anyway. There is something about digging in the dirt that calms the soul and makes a mind less worried about the apocalypse, and more worried about the giant Spanish slugs that hide out and then attack with a frenzy during any rains. It reconnects people with elemental issues. And that can’t be a bad thing.

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