Notes from a small planet

We tend to not discuss the farmer, or even other aspects of the food chain aside from dairy, in this dairy processor’s space. But, as consumers grow more interested in where their food comes from, I found an article on how Denmark’s pig farmers are reducing antibiotics a compelling read in the New York Times.

Like dairy, Danish pork producers have seen the future of antibiotic resistance, and formulated a way to raise healthy pigs with far fewer antibiotics. What the Danish producers have realised is that we are all part of the same planet, and that their efforts can help with the rising tide of global resistance to antibiotics bugs. It can’t be the entire solution, but they are spreading their knowledge to other countries and industries, and doing so voluntarily. It requires some serious thought and a bit of sorting out of porcine habitats, but Denmark is showing that it can be done. That country raises millions of pigs per year and fewer than ever are being dosed in their lifetimes.

The knowledge transfer is also showing the human population is that we all don’t operate in some kind of weird, country-centric vacuum. The issues facing the pork industry in Denmark are part of the global concern. So, instead of thinking of ourselves as mere citizens of certain countries, I suggest we should start thinking like astronauts, who have seen firsthand how small this blue marble is in space. Taking the best practice is a good start, no matter where it is found. Plus, it makes for tastier food.

In news closer to home, we have been gifted with a rather large, lovely wheel of Stilton. This prompts me to ask for any recipes. So far, we’ve had it on a cheese board, on salads, and stirred some of it into our broccoli soup. I don’t normally make soufflés but just may chance it. Send any suggestions to the magazine’s attention. Or tweet them to me. This Stilton is a challenge I willingly accept. Thank you.


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