‘Tis the season for butter shortages

It is the festive season here in Europe and as usual, there is a butter issue. For example, Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain is selling imported butter. Meanwhile, other national supermarkets such Aldi, Lidl, Volg and Coop are continuing to offer Swiss butter. The retailer has marked its butter with a sticker to indicate this lack, and butter sources from Germany and Belgium are making up the gap for Migros.

An increased demand for cream has led to the scarcity of butter, according to Peter Ryser, of the BO Butter organisation in Switzerland. Cristina Maurer Frank from Migros confirms this, noting, “(The Migros milk processor) ELSA has planned its cream requirement according to the sales forecasts, but due to the milk shortage it was not supplied to the intended extent.”

I am sure it will all work out. Cream is always a key element of various dishes during this holiday season, and then there is the surge in liquor-laden butters here in the UK to think of, such as brandy butter. As is usual, despite all the kerfuffle, cream is provided and butter is made.

May you all have a very festive and dairy-filled holiday season.

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