The rise of the angry

Thanks Joaquin. Now, I didn’t watch the Oscars, nor have I seen the Joker, so I can’t say how his performance was. However, Mr Phoenix seems to be a self-identified expert on the dairy industry and used his acceptance speech to rant about what he perceives to be the shortcomings of the dairy industry and the “abuses” the cows suffer. How angry. How privileged. How disconnected from the food chain. Sigh.

Don’t know about you, but I am really getting tired of the tirades by people who live in places like Los Angeles, telling the rest of the world (including livestock) how to live their lives – no dairy, slather on whatever, and make sure you meditate over it all. As they drive to their next appointment in their electric car. And dear me, I sound like the current occupant of the White House when I say things like that. Gah.

It smacks of “I know better, listen to me, because I am a privileged western man.” He stands in a room with a lot of other millionaires and tells the rest of us how to live our lives.

Joaquin, go visit India and see how local economies have been transformed by co-operatives coming together to collect milk and get money to send their children to school. How the average one to two cow farmer can use that animal to improve their lives. Head to Wisconsin and visit the struggling dairy farmer there, who is currently trying to make a living while the US government throws trade wars around.

Head to Australia and see how people who can’t grow crops can still raise animals that can provide a living for them. Go to Africa and see how people can use cows and other milking animals to improve their lives. People build businesses and improve their communities through dairy.

Basically, head to any of the billion people on this planet who make a living through dairy and get their views, and visit the dairy farms. Or you can just stay in LA and drink your almond milk, which is busily soaking up a large quantity of California water and wrecking the US bee population through its monoculture. I suspect you’ll go for the latter. Your choice, Joaquin.

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