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Müller Milk & Ingredients in the UK is set to change over all its coloured milk caps to clear by summer 2023. This is to ensure that the caps are recyclable as well as the bottles, which are fully recyclable and made of at least 30 per cent recyclable material. I think this is a good thing, as is the idea that companies are trying to affect change in small ways when it comes to the recycling quandary

Demand for the recycled HDPE is outstripping supply, so the move to a ‘closed loop system’ is expected to increase the availability on the market by 1,560 tonnes per annum, further reducing the requirements for ‘virgin’ plastic.

It also helps that Müller is telling the public all about it. Let’s face it, that’s where companies can have an easy win. By saying, we are trying, and this is what we’re doing and when.

Similarly, Yeo Valley in the UK has stopped putting plastic lids on its yogurt pots and offers reusable plastic lids to purchase for this purpose, or suggests that people save their old plastic lids to seal the pots. Reusable bees wax wraps are also suggested.

But this other small move means that 145 tonnes of plastic will be saved per year, by not adding the plastic lids to the 350g and 450g tubs. It all adds up, even if at first it looks like the smaller of options.

Interestingly, I’ve never thought about that option, and I have bees wax wraps at home. I use them for cheese. I will contemplate using them for yogurt, but I admit I tend to save my lids now, or I use jam jars to store homemade yogurt. This provides another predicament, as the family inhales the yogurts in those jars, so they don’t stay around long.

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