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It’s the New Year (Happy New Year of the Rabbit) and a time when most of us are thinking about our health, lifestyles and the way we can make a difference for the year ahead. I myself have signed up for a 100 kilometres in 100 days swim at my local outdoor swimming pool.

In this cold weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, I am grateful for the heated water and hot showers at the facility. The need to swim to get the little badge at the end, makes for a fair amount of time spent at the pool. I’m already feeling healthier as a result and it’s only been a few weeks. The staff all know my name now as they tot up the kilometres.

I also went and signed up for the Our Future Health research programme here in the UK ( It was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I filled out the online forms, and then went along for a blood test in my local supermarket car park.

There are a lot of illnesses, such as cancer, dementia and heart disease, that can benefit from additional research. If I can have future generations avoid or alleviate these things by me doing a bit of voluntary blood sampling now, I’m up for that. They are looking for five million volunteers over the age of 18, if you’re in the UK.

It was also useful in setting a baseline for me for my future plans for health and exercise, as I had all my measurements taken. Some of them were a bit disappointing, but as I had been definitely overindulging with the biscuit tin, not unexpected.

Of course, dairy is helpful with this. As we a get older, we don’t need quite as many calories, but we still need the vitamins and minerals. Plus, the dairy protein for the muscles, which I am happily building, from the endless swimming and the circuit training I endure weekly. All to the good. I’ll take another yogurt, thanks!

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