Football, football, Expo!

Well, England’s Lionesses did not bring home their World Cup in football from Sydney, but we’re excited anyway, as it is about six weeks until our inaugural Dairy Industries Expo in Harrogate. In fact, one of the players, Rachel Daly, is from the town, so I am sure everyone was near or in the Shepherd’s Dog, a pub right outside the city centre, cheering her on.

Harrogate is a place that has a fair few pubs, along with a lot of other things to do and see as a resort town and spa centre (restaurants, shopping, afternoon tea, cheese shop, beautiful Georgian and Victorian architecture). There is also a microbrewery with craft beers and fondue (Cold Bath Brewing Company).

See our September issue for the full details on what to expect – from exhibition floor plans to keynote speakers and the agenda, plus activities near the venue. Don’t forget Agatha Christie.

Another new hobby of ours as a family is supporting local football teams. Call it the Welcome to Wrexham effect, but we now make sure we get a match in wherever we go, no matter what size the football team. We went on the bus to Welling United FC (sixth tier, National League South) a few weeks ago, to watch them play Luton Town FC (which have just been promoted to the Premier League here in the UK) to a draw. It was the under-18s for Luton and the under-23s for Welling and a very good match. My son opined that the burger at Welling was better than at Chelsea, and the chip portion size was very satisfactory.

We cheered the local lads on, bought our hats with the logos, and went home on the bus. A very fun outing.

Speaking of which, on 3 October, Harrogate Town AFC (League Two) is set to play AFC Wimbledon at Harrogate at the EnviroVent Stadium (also a local manufacturer of venting equipment) at 1945. This venue is located just a 25 minute walk from the train station and has seen investment over the past few years as this plucky club has risen from the lower leagues. It is well-timed as a preview to our show, and a great way to start the Expo.

I for one just can’t wait, and can’t wait to see everyone at the show. Go Harrogate Town!

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