Die faire Milch for all

I think the interest in fair milk prices for dairy producers throughout Europe (and in the UK, and in every other country that has a dairy industry, it seems) shows what a pressing issue it is. How can the production costs be calculated, and how can the producer be paid enough to continue to care for the animals that make the dairy industry what it is? How can farmers be environmental custodians and be compensated fairly for their efforts? Who decides this and why?

In a way, it’s good to look at Europe and elsewhere to reassure each other that we are not alone with this conundrum. In Germany, last week was International Green Week, where Michael Braun, sales project manager of Die faire Milch hosted politicians having a drink of milk at the show while on the stand.

Meanwhile, as the European Milk Board reports, “In a peaceful protest at the Paris International Agricultural Show (SIA), farmers from various sectors from all across Europe called on decision-makers to implement a real solution to the crisis in agriculture. Their demand: fair agriculture – NOW. To this end, it is essential to implement reforms for a fair cost-covering price on the market in order for agriculture to be fair at last.”

Kjartan Poulsen, EMB Chairman and representative of LDM, Denmark, also remarked, “The way Europe is acting now is not good. We are all here to call for a fair Europe. We are in the heart of France – in Paris – where people have a high regard for food. French policy-makers are called upon to ensure that European agriculture, which produces this food, is actually fair.”

I think the Latvian representative, Guntis Gūtmanis, EMB board member and representative of LOSP, said it best: “All countries together – all farmers together – are fighting for fair prices that cover the cost of production. It’s actually very simple: no farmers, no food, no future.”

I think it’s a requirement for fair milk for all, no matter where you operate.

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