Gizeh designs twin chamber cup for Müller

Plastic packaging specialist Gizeh has developed a new twin chamber cup for the market launch of a new yogurt dessert line of Müller.

The cup combines Müller yogurt with chocolate, biscuit or caramel chips of Milka, Oreo and Daim and is offered in four varieties. The cup has a white inner layer and a coloured outer surface, which is red (Daim), blue (Oreo) or purple (Milka) depending on the contents. All information regarding the contents is shown on the three sided label on the outer surfaces of the large chamber and on a bottom label. The twin chamber is made of polystyrene using a thermoforming process.

The twin chamber cup has been available since February in the combinations of Milka Chocolate Drops and Yogurt, Milka Chocolate Drops and Vanilla Yogurt, Oreo Biscuit Chips and Yogurt and Daim and Yogurt.

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