Meggle becomes a foundation

The sole owner of the Meggle group of companies, Toni Meggle, has transformed the company into a foundation.

“A company has a right to its own life. Meggle looks back on over 130 years of successful corporate development. So that this will remain the case in the future, I have decided to contribute my life’s work to a foundation,” he said.

The action ensures the continuity and independence of the company, because a foundation is designed for eternity, it belongs to itself and can not be sold.

“In the charter of the foundation I have expressly and irreversibly ordered that the company may not be sold. In doing so, I make sure that the Meggle group of companies will remain in the long term as a medium-sized company with jobs,” Meggle added.

There is no change in operational management through the contribution of the company to the foundation. Meggle has more than 2,500 employees worldwide, with nearly 1,000 of them at the company’s headquarters in Wasserburg, Germany.

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