Loma Systems develops new Run-Wet metal detector

Loma Systems has developed a new specification called Run-Wet for its metal IQ4 series of detector units. Incorporating an open frame that uses multi-angled surfaces and minimal welds, as well as quick removable covers, Run-Wet follows some of the EHEDG principles by assisting to reduce excess water and cleaning chemicals that typically pool on surfaces. This helps prevent the risk of corrosion and the accumulation of bacteria that could potentially contaminate foods. Motors, lamp and sounder, controls and enclosed pneumatics, are all high-pressure and high-temperature wash-down proof to IP69K ingress rating. And with no drying time required following cleaning, the immediate start functionality will be of particular interest to fast-paced food manufacturing and processing facilities who are committed to improving food safety and eliminating bacterial contamination.

Further design considerations included bearings, PECs, test switches and the bin lock monitor, all of which have been designed away from the surface to provide open access for thorough cleaning. The newly designed, easy to clean reject bin comes with a raised window providing easy viewing, together with a lower grid base with drainage holes for quick draining following wash-down cleaning.

Height adjustable feet have been designed to eliminate exposed screw threads, thereby helping to remove the risk of bacterial accumulation points and food debris traps within the system. The use of metal cable hoops removes the need for cable ties and allows for thorough cleaning. In addition, the system uses blue plastic components including pushers, guides, wear strips and PEC mounts throughout the design of the machine to allow for easy visible inspection.

For further information visit www.loma.com

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