DMK sells ice cream site to Schwarz

The DMK Group wants to streamline the production network for its ice cream business unit.

Specifically, it is selling the Waldfeucht-Haaren production site in North Rhine-Westphalia, where ice cream is made.

Schwarz Produktion, which unites the Schwarz Group’s production facilities (Lidl and Kaufland) under one roof, will take over this location for its own ice cream production, including around 200 employees. The transition is planned for early 2021.

“We are continuing to build on the DMK of the future: Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, with brands such as Milram, Humana, Uniekaas or Alete, is one of the largest suppliers to the German food retail trade. It should continue to develop into a strongly market and consumer-oriented company. In order to position ourselves as best as possible, one component is to further optimise our own production network,” summarised Ingo Müller, CEO of the DMK Group (pictured).

In this context, DMK plans to focus its ice cream production on the Everswinkel and Prenzlau sites. In Everswinkel, it intends to increase the production capacity at the existing location from around 65 million litres of ice to around 100 million litres in the future.

“The sale of the Waldfeucht-Haaren location enables us to concentrate our ice cream production on two locations. This creates further synergies,” said Müller

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