Moody Direct celebrates 45 years serving the process industries

As a leading supplier of process solutions to the UK, Moody Direct Limited will be celebrating 45 years supporting a multitude of industries including; dairy, beverage, food, brewery, ice cream, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas and power generation.

On 1 November 1975 local entrepreneur, Paul Moody, began trading in pre-owned dairy equipment. The 1970’s demonstrated both challenges and opportunities for many businesses but the growth of the motorway network and supermarket expansion, allowed regional and national producers to widen and expand their customer base. This unfortunately caused many businesses with a localised customer base to suffer. Paul bridged the gap created between the factories, which were closing, and the businesses which were expanding, by sourcing the right process equipment.

Over the decades, as the market evolved, this business model proved very successful and allowed for expansion into projects, service and the distribution of parts and components. This expansion together with the knowledge and experience built up over many years gave Moody’s an edge over the competition, enabling it to become a true one stop shop, supporting equipment from a huge range of original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

In early 2016, Paul handed over the reins to David Tomlinson and Ken Wild following a management buyout of Moody Direct Ltd. At the time of the handover David, a qualified accountant, had been with Moody’s for 17 years as financial director. Ken joined in 2007 after Moody Direct acquired his business, Daken Stainless Products. With two directors, one from a sales and engineering background and one with a finance background, it provided the perfect balance of business acumen, engineering, product and customer knowledge.

However, the company believes that the defining quality that makes Moody Direct so successful and what it is today, is its people. Many of whom have received their 10, 20, 30 and even 35 years long service awards.

Paul Moody, Founder, said “Five years ago the company celebrated its 40th anniversary and I announced my plans to stand down. We have weathered the storm of many uncertain times, including a severe economic recession. However, I’m confident in the knowledge that Moody’s will once again weather the storm of the current challenges posed by Covid-19, with David and Ken at the helm of a team of long serving, committed, talented employees.”

David Tomlinson and Ken Wild, directors, added: “The last five years have been incredibly exciting and rewarding, with the business growing successfully year on year. The depth and range of knowledge and support our 80 strong team is able to provide is unrivalled. Investment in our plate heat exchanger division has also allowed us to expand our offerings outside of our traditional hygienic sectors into industries such as oil and power generation.

“Whilst this year is inevitably posing its own challenges, we’re proud to continue supporting the critical industries with essential products and services. We look forward to tackling the challenges and opportunities over many years to come.”

As authorised distributors for many of the best known OEM’s, Moody Direct provides a range of process and packaging solutions including:

  • Spare parts & components
  • New processing equipment
  • Servicing, calibration & fault finding
  • Plate heat exchanger servicing & integrity testing
  • Design, supply, commissioning and project management of end to end process and packaging systems
  • Process training courses
  • 24/7 support

The product range supported by Moody Direct incorporates: Pumps, Valves, Homogenisers, Separators, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pasteurisers, CIP Systems, Filling Machines, Tanks & Vessels, Conveyor & Product Handling, Pipework, Fittings plus much more.

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