SDT develops new e-learning modules

The Society of Dairy Technology has developed a range of e-learning modules designed to support employees within the dairy industry – and those from companies that supply the industry – in the understanding and application of the fundamentals of dairy technology, from milk production throughout processing and manufacture.

It is envisaged that the target audience will be:

  • Dairy Industry Employees: new employees, perhaps from another food industry position or straight from school/university, commencing a technical position (technical, quality, product development, environmental) in the dairy industry or employees promoted from the shop floor into a technical related position.
  • Dairy Industry Suppliers: employees within companies supplying chemical cleaning products, equipment and ingredients into the dairy industry such as those in technical sales positions, technical, customer supporting roles.

There will be five core modules in the first phase of the project:

  • Milk Production
  • Dairy Chemistry
  • Dairy Microbiology
  • Milk Processing
  • Dairy Products

The first two modules are now live. Developments at a later date (phase 2) will include modules on the individual dairy products and processes (cream, cheese, butter, yogurt, ice-cream, dried products, whey proteins). Other module considerations include quality control, HACCP, CIP and Waste/Effluent, and Dairy Engineering.

Per module, there are approximately 30 Powerpoint slides with audio and the voiceover script for reference. Each course contains interactivity to engage the learner including questioning to ensure understanding.

Following completion of a module, (1- 1.5 hours learning time) learners will be invited to take an online multiple choice exam (20 questions). A pass mark of 60% will be required and a certificate will be issued.

A training matrix will be set up on the e-learning platform which tracks progress of the learner and keeps a record.

If learners fail the knowledge check they will be given the opportunity to review the questions to see where they have gone wrong and can take the exam once more with a slightly modified set of questions.

Each module will cost £100 for members and £150 for non-members of the SDT with reduced rates for bundles of modules and groups of learners, however as an introductory offer the modules have been substantially reduced to the costs of £60 for members and £110 for non-members. To subscribe to all five modules (which will be completed by March 2021), the cost is £280 for members, £500 for non-members. The prices will reportedly increase in the new year.

Visit for a preview of the module content.

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