Ytron-Quadro supplies three more directed jet mixers to Yeo Valley

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd has recently supplied three more of its YTRON-Y directed jet mixers to Yeo Valley Farm Production. These units are installed in 9,000 litre vessels in the yogurt mix plant at the Blagdon facility.

These side entry units replaced top entry marine blade propellor mixers originally installed. YTRON-Y units were selected to ensure a homogeneous mix and to quickly incorporate/fold in foam generated during the powder addition phase of the process. The foam occurs due to the air inclusions in the powders being incorporated into the liquid phase through the external powder incorporation units. Mixing with the marine turbine was not able to incorporate the foam, but added to it, leaving residue and lost product in the vessels.

Each yogurt batch contains between 16-30% solids with a viscosity in the region of 100 cPs. Generally, the YTRON-Y units operate between 3 – 15 minutes, dependant on the product type, before the mix is transferred to the next stage of the process.

Mike Reid, processing & blending operations manager, commented: “these new YTRON-Y units are doing an excellent job and saving money through increased product yield and reduced cycle time.”

Yeo Valley Farms Production has been using YTRON equipment in its factories in Blagdon, Cannington and Newton Abbott for mixing, dispersing and for “smoothing” of its yogurts since the 1990’s. This has included the YTRON-Z in line rotor/stator and YTRON-Y units for various uniform mixing applications including mixing of fruit into yogurt as recently shown on the BBC program “Inside the Factory”.

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