New CEO for Kohrener Landmolkerei


Ralf Brodnicki is going to be the new CEO at Kohrener Landmolkerei, as Rüdiger Fricke, who currently works in the areas of administration, technology, production and quality management, is leaving the company for private reasons.

Jörg Rögner, who is currently responsible for sales and marketing in the management together with Fricke, will in future concentrate on the management of sales, while Brodnicki will drive the company’s new content direction.

Kohrener Landmolkerei, which was created in 2012 from a merger of agricultural businesses from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt in Germany,  is continuing with its regional brand, but will now also concentrate on the processing milk specialties such as pasture or hay milk.

At the Penig location in the district of Central Saxony, the company primarily produces milk, yogurt and mixed milk drinks.



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