Müller UK expands in logistics buy

Müller is in the UK mostly known for milk products and supporting British athletes, but the group says it wants to spread its wings even further. With the acquisition of the British GreenWhiteStar on 1 July, the Culina Group, which belongs to the Theo Müller Group, has become the largest logistics and warehousing provider in the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and food retail logistics and, after DHL and XPO Logistics, the third largest logistics partner in the UK.

With the acquisition, the logistics business of the Theo Müller Group comprises around 22,000 employees, 5,500 vehicles and two million square metres of storage space.

The sales contribution of the logistics division to the total sales of the Theo Müller group of companies will thus double to around €2 billion.

“GreenWhiteStar and the Culina Group are two companies that complement each other perfectly. Both are organizations with similar business ideas, which have a good reputation in the industry. A connection between the two companies will benefit both our employees and our customers,” says Thomas van Mourik, CEO of the Culina Group.

With the purchase, Willliam Stobart, former executive chairman of GreenWhiteStar, will be appointed as deputy CEO of the Culina Group.

“Dairy products represent the core of our business today and will continue to do so in the future. However, the successful further development of our delicatessen business and our logistics division are also important cornerstones for the profitable growth of the Theo Müller Group and support diversification. With the acquisition of GreenWhiteStar, we’re taking a big step in this direction. The group of companies will thus exceed the sales threshold of €7 billion for the first time,” says Marcus Almeling, chief financial officer of the Theo Müller group.

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