Emmi board of directors realigns

Urs Riedener

Swiss dairy group Emmi is already now getting ready for changes in its board of directors and executive committee in 2023. After 15 years as a member of the board, and 12 years as its president, Konrad Graber will not be re-elected at the general assembly in 2023. As a successor, the board has nominated Urs Riedener, who has been CEO since 2008.

“Emmi has become an internationally successful group with premium dairy products and strong brands. Due to the excellent positioning with all our stakeholders, I consider the time as ideal to initiate the successor control at the top of Emmi. We are pleased that the current CEO Urs Riedener, whose initiative and dedicated leadership is the basis of the success and culture of Emmi, wants to switch to the strategic level and thus the future of the group can continue to develop,” says Graber.

Riedener took over the operational leadership of the Emmi Group in April 2008. The company has since recorded a constant and sustainable performance.

In order to focus on the new office and to respect a cooling-off period as a designated new president of the board, Riedener will resign from his current position as CEO and chairman of the executive board by the end of 2022.

Emmi is today not only the undisputed leading milk processor of Switzerland, but is also one of the leading international providers of dairy products and is well anchored and demonstrably resilient with subsidiaries in 14 countries outside Switzerland.

Recently, Emmi has underlined its ambition with an enlarged, on a NetZero 2050 agenda-aligned sustainability model, to make the best milk moments experienced for future generations and to create appropriate added value for all stakeholders.

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