Austrian animal welfare must be paid for, says Petschar

The Austrian dairy industry is ready to further expand its sustainability and quality strategy, but additional services for higher qualities and cost increases for farmers must be compensated, as well as the dramatically increased costs in the processing, which is still not the case, according to the president of the Association of Austrian Milk Processors (VÖM), Helmut Petschar.

“High quality and animal welfare standards, sustainability, climate protection and secured self-supply with high-quality foods are the objectives of the domestic dairy industry. But we can only achieve these goals, if we all work together, everyone in the food chain,” he says.

Petschar points out further expansion of quality and sustainability strategies are only possible if the dairies are also paid accordingly for them. He is annoyed that a mandatory country of origin label can still not be implemented, although this is anchored in the government programme. The consumer is often left in the dark over the origin and related quality standards are unclear.

“The Austrian dairy industry has achieved a lot with its quality and sustainability strategy. Through the interaction of all actors, an internationally exemplary status could be achieved: genetic-free engineering, the organic share, EU-wide climate protection values, high animal welfare and sustainability standards. Consumers support this. For these great services, I would like to thank our farmers, the employees in the dairies, the logistic and trade companies as well as the consumers, who honestly support this quality strategy through their daily purchases,” Petschar concludes.

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