Elopak suspends operations in Russia

Elopak has released a statement expressing solidarity with Ukraine and announcing the suspension of all the company’s actives in Russia.

The statement is as follows:

“Elopak is deeply concerned by the tragic developments in Ukraine and stands with all those who are suffering at this time. Elopak has wholeheartedly condemned the unprovoked attack by the Government of Russia and supports the resulting economic sanctions implemented by the EU and other actors.  

“This war has an enormous human cost. As a result of the ongoing and escalating conflict, Elopak is today announcing the suspension ofall activities in Russia with immediate effect and until further notice. Elopak’s plant in Fastiv, Ukraine, has already been temporarily closed as we work to protect the safety of our colleagues and their families.

“We will continue to pay the salaries of our 336 employees directly affected until further notice. As part of the vital food supply chain, Elopak continues to monitor and evaluate the situation. We are assessing how best we can adapt our operations to support continued access to essential goods across the Eastern European Region. 

“Our overriding priority remains the personal safety and security of our employees in Ukraine. We are in constant touch with our co-workers in Kyiv and Fastiv and have established a steering group that is working to support them and their loved ones.” 

The decision is not expected to impact Elopak’s operations outside of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the company says. 

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