BV Dairy chooses Ytron-Quadro for yogurt “stretching”

BV Dairy in Shaftesbury has recently installed a YTRON-Z unit from Ytron-Quadro for the smoothing or Stretching of its range of yogurts.

In the YTRON-Z, the yogurt coagulum is subject to an extremely short and intensive burst of shearing which smooths the yogurt. The mechanical action of the YTRON -Z causes stretching of the protein molecules which improves the viscosity of the yogurt. “Yogurt-Stretching” is now associated with the YTRON-Z and has brought about the following advantages, according to the company:

  • Improvement in gel stability
  • Elimination of syneresis and grit or nodule formation giving a smooth product
  • Reduction in the protein content in the milk base by around 0.2%

The number of rotor/stator sets, slot widths and speed is selected based on the composition of the yogurt being processed.

BV Dairy joins the large number of yogurt producers using the YTRON-Z for this application.

The technical information was from the reference work by A.Y. Tamime & R.K. Robinson “Yoghurt Science and Technology”.

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