Multivac launches new Pouch Loader (MPL)

By developing the new MULTIVAC Pouch Loader (MPL for short) for chamber belt machines, the company has created a semi-automatic solution, which significantly improves the filling of the film pouches and the loading into the packaging machine, when it comes to overall performance, efficiency, hygiene and ergonomics. Up to 40 percent reduction in personnel costs and a significant increase in efficiency can be achieved, when compared to manual loading – and all with maximum flexibility in terms of products and pack formats. 

When packing products on chamber belt machines, the filling of the film pouches and the loading of the machine have often up to now been a bottleneck in the process. Thanks to the development of the MPL, which has been designed to meet the needs of all customers, MULTIVAC, the processing and packaging specialist, has set a new benchmark for the automated packing of products in film pouches.

The operating principle of the MPL is simple: one operator positions the products on the infeed conveyor of the machine. Two other people then load the products by pulling the film pouches over the loading conveyor, so that the product can be conveyed automatically from the conveyor into the film pouch. Then it is simply sufficient to turn the film pouch through 90 degrees, before it is placed on the machine conveyor and subsequently vacuum packed and sealed.

When compared with the manual procedure, which generally requires at least five people, only three operators are necessary with this semi-automatic solution. Although personnel costs can be reduced by up to 40 percent, the cycle output can still be fully utilised.

Another benefit is in the hygiene and ergonomics: When filling the film pouches, the operators no longer need to lift the products and place them awkwardly in the pouches. “Less contact with the product, therefore less risk of contamination,” says Korbinian Wiest, product manager for Chamber Belt Machines at MULTIVAC.

Thanks to its compact design, the MULTIVAC Pouch Loader, which can be individually configured, can be easily integrated into line solutions from MULTIVAC, with either the B 425, B 525 or B 625 chamber belt machines. “We can for the first time offer our customers a complete solution from one source for pouch applications on chamber belt machines, enabling us to remain true to our PEAQ promise. The MULTIVAC Pouch Loader stands for a simple and effortless packaging process with a high degree of efficiency, reliability, operating convenience and cost-effectiveness,” says Korbinian Wiest in summary. The dismantling of the various components can also be performed quickly and without tools.

The MPL can be combined with the MULTIVAC Pouch Rack(MPR for short), the compact pouch rack, which can take up to ten different stacks of various pouch sizes. Thanks to special pouch opening aids, the individual film pouches can be easily separated from the stack and removed from the rack.

And last but not least, this pouch solution boasts a high level of flexibility in its pouch sizes, since it can accommodate pouch lengths in a range of 200 to 800 mm, as well as pouch widths between 150 and 600 mm.

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